Currently the answer to this question is no, not really, but its getting better………..

Centre Stage began life in 1971 and has been staging musicals every year since then. The musicals have changed but the aims are the same now as they were all those years ago: to develop young people through the practical involvement in Performing Arts, to build confidence ,self-esteem and maturity but most of all to give an enormous sense of belonging to a company of like-minded people which enhances their performances but also their lives.
Many former members have continued training at full-time schools, Bristol Old Vic ,Mountview, Guildford School of Acting and many now have successful careers in theatres in the West End and nationally.
Centre Stage is a registered charity which has become a formidable cultural force within Exmouth and has been showered with accolades and acclaim but... there is always one complaint after every performance ...".what a pity we couldn't hear all the words!"
To achieve the very highest standard Centre Stage musicals need many things, companies providing sets and lighting, musicians, costumes, props, the list goes on and on and our expenses are high. Radio microphones are a very expensive but necessary part of our productions and we have to compromise. Ideally all principals would have a radio mic but this not an ideal world and often principals have to share.
We have been very lucky recently and have been given a radio microphone by a local restaurant and a secon and third are now on their way thanks to generous donation! This will be a great help and we are very grateful but we will still need to hire more for our productions and this pushes our costs ever higher. If we could have our own radio microphones, so EVERY principal could have one we would never have to hear. "What a pity I couldn't hear all the words".

If you feel you would like to help our radio mic appeal, please click on the Just Giving link below


Thanks for your support, we hope you will all be able to say “WE HEARD THE PEOPLE SING”!'




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