Act 1.

Chu Chin Chow, the “rich merchant from China”, is in fact no such thing- he is a cruel robber called Abu Hasan. He comes to Kasim’s Palace in order to rob him. But the slave girl Zahrat knows all about him and decides to thwart his plans, with the help of Marjanah and Alcolom. When Chu Chin Chow tries to buy Marjanah, Ali Baba, a penniless but likeable fellow, insists on buying her to give to his son, Nur al Huda, who loves her.
Ali Baba, Nur al Huda and Majanah discover Abu Hasan’s treasure cave, and the magic words with which to open it- “Open Sesame”
Chu Chin Chow succeeds in robbing Kasim of his slaves- he bids for them but does not pay up; his 40 thieves come to take them away, and imprison Zahrat in his cave.

Act 2

Commences with Alcolom singing sadly about her life of bondage; she longs to be free to marry Ali Baba. Ali tells Kasim about the treasure cave, so Kasim goes there to plunder it: Abu Hasan arrives there with his 40 thieves and they kill Kasim with their scimitars.
Marjanah and Nur al Huda also come to the cave to free Zahrat; they all escape and take Ksim’s body with them. Zahrat goes to a Cobbler and asks him to stitch up Kasims body. Then they plan a trap for Abu Hasan and his 40 thieves.