Producer Alan Smith
Musical Director Pamela Jones, L.R.A.M.
Choreographer Iris Moore
Pianists Ann Osborne and Gladys Lawes
Drums Graham White
Double Bass Reginald Ball
Cotumes Designed and Created by. Betty McAskie
Stage Manager Bill Carpenter
Lighting David Whitehead
Properties Dawn Evans and Angela Wright
Make up Dennis and Dorcas Carter
Wardrobe Betty McAskie, Mary Pope and Tony Lake
Prompt Joan Pannell
Call Boys Anne Hallett and Mary Trestrail
Hair Styling Daphne Carpenter
Members helping Back stage Jane Pope, Gillian Cordin, Christine Langdon and Tim Rowden
Front of House Tom Draper
Programme Alan Dustan
Scenery James Fredericks , of Weston-super-mare
Front Cover designed by Dawn Evans

President Mr. L.J.Welton
Chairman Mrs.B.Whithead
Secretary Mrs.R.Cordin
Treasurer Mr.E.C.Argent

Members Roy Pope, Mary Pope, Joan Pannell, George Coggin, Joyce Coggin, Pamela Jones.

Junior Committee Annette Moore, Alan Dustan, Denise Waller, Steven England, Colin Dance


Mrs. R.Chorley, Mrs.A Ratcliffe,O.B.E, J.P, Mr.D.White, Mr.J.Stork, Mrs.W.Puddicombe, Mr.T.Edwards, Mrs.V.Cleary, Mr.I.Jones, Dr.L.Marshall, Mr.P.Cordin, Miss M.hammond, C.B.E.,J.P, Miss E.Keslake, Miss M.Rawling, Mrs.R.Parker, Mrs.M.Rae, Mr.J.Stagg, Mr.E.Hancock, Mr.F.Vokes, Miss M.Green, Mrs.I.Jones, Mr.J.Whitehead, Mrs.V.Chance, Miss L.Bright, Mr.and Mrs. L.J Welton, Dr.M.Best, Miss D.Welton, Rev. Jeffery, Mr.L.Lees, Mr. K.Rockett, Mr.F.Davey, Miss R.Hore, Mrs.E.Herbert, Mr.D.Pannell, Mr.and Mrs.B.Pym, Mrs.W.Smith, Mrs.M.Tretrail, Mr.J.Watt, Mr.J.Price, Mr.and Mrs.W.Kinch, Miss C.Timms, Mr.A.Knowles, Miss.A.Thorpe, Mrs.M.Andrews, Mr. and Mrs.G.White, Mrs.H.Wellings, Mr.Couch, Mrs.B.McAskie, Mrs.G.Lawes, Mrs.K.Bryant, Mr.G.Gomm, Mr.A.Brice, Miss M.Fitzwarine-Smith, Mr.G.Coggin, Mr.B.Rowden, Mr.L.Hurrell, Mrs.M.Jefferies, Mr. and Mrs.D.Moore, Mr. and Mrs. D.Chiffers, Mr.J.Killoran, Mr. and Mrs.A.T.Marcom, Mr. A Jones, Mr B.Smaldon