Oliver! Here was local talent at its very best!

From the Exmouth Journal.

By Queenie Smith.

I COULD hardly wait to put pen to paper to applaud the wonderful cast, orchestra, and very slick movements of the back stage crew, who made it all look so easy in the production of “Oliver!”
Here was local talent at its best.

This was a splendid presentation of the popular musical playing to packed houses, all the week, and very appreciative ones, too.

The children were certainly a marvellous assortment, with talent galore. The Dancers, despite poverty and squalor, were “happy hoofers” a joy to watch.

All the main characters in the show were superb: Mike Killoran, as Fagin, looked like him and his portrayal was a fine piece of character acting.

The ill-fated Nancy, played by Anne Killoran, showed us a dramatic side to her ability, and her singing was sweet and moving.
And the lad who, it seems, stopped the show every night- that lovable rogue, The Artful Dodger- made up the talented family offering, (Dave Killoran).
I was impressed with the characteristic performance of The Widow Corney, portrayed by Clare Philbrock. Nick Lawrence, playing the villain of the story, Bill Sykes, presented a pretty formidable bully, a bloke I wouldn’t like to meet!

How very fortunate Centre Stage was to find the perfect Oliver! His stage presence and demeanour were faultless, and he acted throughout, for one so young- inspiring.

I was lucky enough to meet him after the show.
Congratulations to the Director, Brian Buttle, the musical director Lynne Caygill, and Judi Shankster-Jones the choreographer.

Thank you for the very warm welcome!

Queenie Smith