We meet calamity Jane early on in the Golden Garter.
She explains how she came by her name
She rides, shoots and thinks like a man, but occasionally she knows that she is full of women’s emotions.

Proprietor of the Golden Garter, Henry Miller gets in a spot of bother with an act he has billed. He booked Frances (feminine with an E) Fryer; but found instead Francis (masculine with an I).

Calamity gets Miller off the hook by promising to fetch Adelaide Adams, a big star from Chicago, very popular with the men folk of deadwood. Calamity gets it wrong again and comes back with Katie Brown, Adelaide’s maid, a pretty girl with ambitions to go on the stage.
Faced with the Deadwood audience however she goes to pieces, and there is almost a lynching. Calamity calms everyone down and tells Katie to “do her own thing” which Katie does with great success.

Katie and Calamity become firm friends, with Wild Bill Hickock and Lieut. Danny Gilmartin each trying to win Katie.

They draw straws to take Katie to the ball at the Fort and Danny wins. Danny is Calamity’s preference, but she accepts the situation until it is obvious that Katie and Danny will make a match and then “the woman in her” takes over and she drives Katie away. In the ensuing heartbreak she realises that it wasn’t Danny she wanted but Bill and she fetches Katie back and everything finishes on a happy note with three weddings in one.

Act One
Scene 1 The Golden Garter, Deadwood City, Dakota Territory
Scene 2 The Star Dressing room, Bijou Theatre, Chicago
Scene 3 The Golden Garter, again

Act Two
Scene1 Calamity Jane’s Cabin
Scene 2 A trail, through a pass in the Black Hills
Scene 3 Fort Scully
Scene4 The Trail again
Scene 5 The Golden garter.