As part of our 40th Anniversary celebrations, we ran a members’ trip to London. We decided to take in a theatre workshop as well as a West End show, and of course we went shopping in Oxford Street. Courtney Dempster tells you more about our visit.

Giving up our half term lie in, us Centre Stagers were up and setting off to London at 6am! Of course no trip runs smoothly so just as we were getting comfy, we had th change coaches. Once the reshuffle was over, we were on the road and ready for coach bingo! We arrived in London at lunchtime where we headed straight to the Pineapple Dance Studios I Covent Garden. Waiting outside we were lucky enough to spot a few famous faces! In the studios we all took part in a Les Miserables workshop in which we took part in team-building exercises and using props from the actual production. We re-created the barricades (this was quite emotional). After the workshop and a little free time in Covent Garden, we went to the hotel to glam ourselves up for the evening. A stop at Pizza Hut and an interesting tube ride later, we were at the Dominion Theatre to watch a fantastic performance of We Will Rock You. On the following day, we had a few hours on Oxford Street for shopping! At lunchtime we all hopped back on the coach and set off to return to Devon. The couple of days were an amazing experience and I know that everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Courtney Dempster